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haim in square form

I'm Karina, 22, California. Alana Haim; also 22, also from California. Did we just become best friends? Not yet.

Este & Danielle 10/18/13

Alana & Danielle 07/08/14
Alana & Este 08/08/14

Ask away babes


on the second night of the haim shows in LA, the girl that was standing next to me yelled at este “IS THIS WAS DREAMS ARE MADE OF?” and este said “this is what dreams are made of” and thanked her for the hilary duff reference and sang a line from the lizzie mcguire song and danielle smiled that smile when her entire face scrunches up.




Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing. Este Haim probably (via zecretary)

I’m going to Yoga at 5. AM. That’s in 5 hours. Am I trying to kill myself OR be healthy. You decide